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Relationship Counselling

Couples Therapy

Providing Counselling in Lincoln and Surrounding Areas

Relationship Counselling - Couples Counselling - Lincoln Counselling

We are all involved in relationships throughout our lives whether it be romantic, work-based, friendship or family and every relationship comes with its own dynamic. But often our relationships can be met with struggles and on occasion can become difficult and stressful if our needs are not being met.


Here at Lincoln Counselling we can provide help for these relationship struggles. We can offer therapy for couples and individuals who are wishing to create better relationships for themselves and the others in their lives.


Lincoln Counselling gives an impartial ear and help to work through any issues, an open and welcoming space where couples can begin to work towards growing a deeper connection and the opportunity to speak openly and candidly without judgement or bias.


Our sessions at Lincoln Counselling will be honed towards each individual’s personal development with the aim of creating a clearer and more rounded basis for the relationship to build on.


If couples wish to be seen separately this can be arranged.


Lincoln Counselling relationship therapy can help with couples dealing with addiction, infidelity, grief and loss, separation, divorce, along with work-stress and family issues. I also can help with domestic conflict.


More and more couples are looking to relationship counselling to seek resolution  for their problems and here at Lincoln Counselling we will endeavour to work with you, providing you the tools to learn positive strategies for personal and mutual growth.

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