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Dubbed ‘the new mindfulness’, this effective tool is helping people to let go and get happy.

For most of us, everything we know about hypnosis has been learnt from watching adults willingly humiliate themselves on TV. Cast under a chain-waving spell, Barry from Wigan is told he’s a chicken and proceeds to cluck and peck across the stage until the hypnotist commands him to ‘sleep’. It’s no surprise that there’s a healthy amount of skepticism attached to hypnosis.

Nevertheless many have had extremely positive experiences of hypnosis, and for some it is nothing short of life-changing. It has enabled people to overcome phobias and helped expectant mums prepare for childbirth, not to mention assisted thousands in their bids to stop smoking or lose weight. 

Increasingly hypnosis is proving to be a lifeline for individuals experiencing emotional or mental difficulties when other treatments fail. 

“Put simply, hypnosis can help re-programme the mind with different beliefs,” says Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Malminder Gill. “Self-hypnosis can be really helpful if you’re trying to overcome something, such as a fear, but also for anyone trying to break negative or unhelpful patterns of behaviour."