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Lincoln Counselling

Providing Counselling in Lincoln and Surrounding Areas

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! I am a Therapist providing Counselling in Lincoln, Lincolnshire; For Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss, Self Esteem, Stress, Divorce, Work, Addictions, Exam Pressures and much more; For the Individual Adult, Couples, Families and groups who are experiencing difficulty in their thoughts and emotions. At Lincoln Counselling I practice Counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy.

My aim at Lincoln Counselling is to provide a warm, safe and open space to empower you to work towards a healthier state of mind; to encourage exploration, promote self awareness. You are the protagonist in you own change, and seeking counselling is the first step towards your personal growth. Providing Counselling in Lincoln is made easy due to the location of the office.

I value individuality, honesty, courage, exploring ones own path, standing tall, attachments, connections with others, relationships to parental figures. Empowering some one to find their own answers is the best motivation for them. I know I am not a rescuer as I don't presume to have all of the answers, although I may have a suggestion or two. I know that I am ok to sit with someone in crisis, to be silent and allow time and space to learn. I am not afraid of who I am and believe the dark places help inform our growth.

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Working with schools and educators to promote well-being for staff. The intention being that this will filter down to the pupils who will get a more self aware teacher.

Lincoln Counselling is not only for 'Therapy', it is for anyone that has the desire to learn and become self aware. Gaining self awareness takes you on a journey of your life, helping you to gain an objective view through Transactional Analysis, CBT and Person Centred therapies. During this time you can be guided to gain an insight into 'Your Life Script' and how you may have adapted to get your needs met. It is common for the self to defend and deflect against looking at the self, and so is a gradual process. It can present turbulent times....


All you need do is call Lincoln Counselling to request your counselling session. Seeking Counselling can create fear and feelings unworthiness and anxiety and so takes courage to request a counselling session and gain self awareness.

vision help those in need of some professional, straight forward life changing Counselling. Helping others to gain improvements, balance and satisfaction in their day to day lives.  I provide a service which promotes positive regard, empathy and self worth.

Counselling Lincoln

I am a Board Member and Associate Member of the ISPC, Registered Member of the BACP, Private Practicing Counsellor with over 10 years working within care.


Within life and counselling I intend to promote an environment of trust and confidence, support a platform of balanced focus on thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how we go about getting our needs met by how we express our honesty. I intend to evoke positive change through courage making an authentic platform to work from.

Perhaps you are needing counselling and support during a bereavement, a trauma, for a relationship issue. Do you need support with relationship or family issues, work stress, depression, anxiety, relationships? Perhaps you're going through a life transition e.g.  personal life, breakdown of relationships, leaving home; in your health, changes in the workplace, personal growth. Perhaps there's something in the past is still unresolved. Having nightmares? Feeling anxious in your daily life?

Being listened to is a powerful experience as in day to day life, how often do people actually listen? Counselling can help you and give a deeper understanding of self, what's really important to you and what really matters.

Counselling aims: to provide support to you, so you can become more authentic, assertive and compassionate towards yourself, and then to others. The awareness you build, the more open you will become to discover more. The relationship between you and me, created together (known as the therapeutic alliance) plays an important part in any change. This relationship can used as a sounding wall and used as a platform to make changes in a safe environment.

In our first meeting together we can determine if we are to work together, to create a plan and priorities working areas that are presenting, and for you to begin your journey into the therapeutic care of self.

My own Mission

To promote an environment of trust and confidence. 


To support a platform of balanced focus on feelings/expressions.

To evoke positive change in behaviour or expectation through courage.

To provide a warm, authentic experience to my clients.

Are you Experiencing?

  • grief and loss

  • relationships issues

  • work and career issues

  • stress, anxiety

  • depression

  • life transitions

  • parenting difficulties

  • addictions - gambling, drugs, sex

  • abuse and associated trauma

  • low self-esteem

  • identity and/or sexuality.

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Lincoln Counselling

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my thoughts

Lincoln Counselling is committed to promoting high quality Psychological Therapies in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. I am offering a complete therapeutic service for Adults, Couples and Groups; Face to Face Counselling, Telephone Counselling and Online. I provide Therapeutic Counselling, CBT, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, PTSDRelationships and much more.

Counselling and Therapeutic Interventions really do enhance people’s lives. I am devoted first and foremost to helping you develop techniques that evoke a fulfilling and balanced life, raising your standard of Psychological Wellbeing. My aim is to facilitate the highest quality Counselling in Lincoln (LN2) within an environment that allows growth through practical strategies to help you live better.


As a qualified Counsellor, I offer a safe, confidential therapeutic counselling service supporting you through challenges and difficult times. Counselling can promote and evoke a new awareness of your strengths/weaknesses, personal identity and promotes Self Actualising Tendency (self-actualisation is the belief that all humans will pursue what is best for them).

your testimonials

"I had counselling for a number of reasons, the main thing I got from Lincoln Counselling was the ability to be aware and honest about my life, my situation. I never felt judged and was empowered to take the masks off and start living my life." JW

"Lincoln Counselling helped me to balance my life with my family whilst building options for the future. I had limited options before due to having limited self belief, but now I'm free to create the life that I choose, rather than letting my life slip by." CJ

"I used to feel anxious continually and didn't know how to cope. I wanted to seek help. Lincoln Counselling helped guide me to be open whilst allowing me to understand what was going on in my head. I am truly grateful for the changes in my life" SB


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We offer therapies that are in alignment with the awakening of a new soul

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